Own your words

While I’ve had this blog for years, I’ve only ever managed to post a few times. That being said with all the changes happening with social platforms, Twitter being the main culprit for now, it just feels like the right time to start blogging “again”.

Luckily I’ve learned that if you really want to do something, at least for me, I have to add it to the schedule. So in short, I’ve added blogging to my schedule.

I’m also not going to turn it into a big lift. Just my thougts that day.

just my thoughts, ladies and gentlemen, Just what I’m feelin’ at the time. - Jay-Z

I did read 2 interesting articles this week. So figured I’ll share them.

  1. The first is Addy’s article on How to find and become a great engineering mentor, overall a great article and I learned about the GROW model which was new to me.

  2. The second is an op-ed written by Mihir A. Desai, who is one of the host of one of my favorite podcasts After Hours, over at the Washington post titled Why Big Tech should break itself apart - While I didn’t agree on the conclusion I did think it was a great read, but only time will tell.

Note: Since Mihir’s article talks about my current employer - I feel I should mention this blog is my opinion & my opinions only.

Own your words
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