Eric J. Duran is a Developer and Content Creator based in New York, NY. He is currently a Senior Software Engineer at Google and an Adjunct Instructor with Google's Tech Exchange academic program.

Photo of me speaking at Google Student Inspired Summit.

I’m passionate about helping traditionally underrepresented communities succeed in Tech.

Eric is one of the smartest developers I’ve ever worked with. He’s whip-smart and full stack in a way few can claim.[…] Very few can cross the aisle, not to mention maintain mastery on both sides of the fence. Eric is one of those rare few. - Seth Brown - Chief Executive Officer at Lullabot

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Content Creation Journey

Over my 15+ years as a developer, I’ve always made it a point to mentor people and while doing so I found myself helping people overcome similar challenges. During the pandemic, I decided to start an Instagram account to mentor folks remotely whom I’ve never met before, and while that’s been great I realize it just wasn’t scalable.

So I quickly realized I should try and create more long-form content on platforms like YouTube. That being said, while I made the decision in 2020, it would be another 3 years before I published my initial youtube video. It’s difficult to explain the fear but I was a bit hesitant about YouTube. My biggest fear being the idea that someone might think I’m not as committed to my job as I am, or they think I’m trying to do this as my main job but at the end of the day, YouTube is the most efficient way to help folks in 2023.

So while it took me a bit (3 years) and some therapy to really get the courage to post a video I’m super excited to share my first YouTube video. Feel free to like or subscribe.

Helping people is my main goal and while I believe you really need to understand someone’s entire situation to really provide helpful feedback I do think there’s a mentorship gap youtube solves nicely.